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pleasantly surprise1 No address registered company

You also for not registered address,Trouble can't registered company?You don't need to worry about,One way the state registered consultant for you to solve all problems,The affiliated business address for free,Real office address、Professional customer service letters!

pleasantly surprise2 Do not need to register the registered capital of the company

You also worry about not registered capital?You don't need to worry about!2013In the new policy,Without verification,The registered capital of no requirement,1The registered capital of the yuan can be registered company,Easy business!

pleasantly surprise3 Registered company do STH for sb

Whether you are in the field,And abroad,Don't need to go to industrial and commercial bureau,No id original,Safe and reliable quickly to deal with the business license,You only need to deal with a digital signature can be registered!

pleasantly surprise4 Professional financial do zhang declare dutiable goods for you

Opened the company needs to pay tax?How to declare dutiable goods?Don't worry about it!One way the state registered consultant for you to solve tax problems,Professional accounting with company financial tax problems for you,Do it for you“Zero tax”Need not pay tax!

pleasantly surprise5 “One way state registered consultant”The biggest advantage

Is this your first time entrepreneurship?You don't have to worry about!One way state registered to provide you with more professional services and advice!Give you share more examples of successful entrepreneurs!Is a shenzhen“The agent of the whole service for you”!

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One way to help accounting agency co., LTD. Of shenzhe

One way of shenzhen accounting agency co., LTD. Specialized in bond,Shenzhen registered company、The business license、Bookkeeping agency、Trademark registration、Tax charge to an account、Industrial and commercial changes、Company registered in Hong Kong。We in line with“The good faith、Professional、High quality、Hong Kong company make account book efficiently”The aim of providing service for the customer,Is willing to work with the vast number of new and old customers sincere cooperation、Hand in hand。
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Fast data is complete24Hours to handle business
Company registration time far faster than their peers。Professional more than100Professional accountants、Tax accountant、Consulting and advisory services team
Once for all kinds of enterprises、Institutions and well-known enterprises and institutions services,3000Long-term fixed companies

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