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Changshu Tianyin Electromechanical Co., ltd. was established2002Years8 Month,The registered capital32853.0979Ten thousand yuan,The company is a professional research、The development and production of refrigerator compressor parts co., LTD。The company brand“TY”In the industry has a considerable advantage and effect。Products directly or indirectly exported to many countries and regions。
The company is located in the jiangsu province changshu balance.all the new city,Distance hujiahang high speed、Are not super high-speed along the river and coastal highway5Kilometers,Shanghai faces the east,Wuxi in the west,South reliance suzhou,North and nantong across the river,With its 4 are not super apart100Kilometers,The geographical position is extremely superior,The transportation is convenient。The company covers an area of7Million square meters,Afforestation30%。The existing staff600More than one,The core technical personnel18People,Research and development personnel70Many people。

Company not only has the international advanced mold processing equipment、Fully automatic injection molding production equipment、Automatic temperature adjustment assembly lines,Also has a strong new product development center and form a complete set of lab,At the same time and the national university of defense technology、Changshu institute of technology, such as more than the domestic well-known institutions of higher learning with a broad range of technical exchanges and cooperation,Obtained“National torch plan key high-tech enterprise”、“Jiangsu famous brand product” And so on the title,Identified and adopted the new standards“High and new technology enterprise”。
“Science and technology innovation”Is always a purpose and source power for the development of the company,Now has90The domestic and foreign patents,A series of industry in the national new policy guidance and encouragement,Technology innovation and research and development of the company always walk in the same industry at home and abroad。
In this company“Technological innovation、Management innovation、System innovation、Make with meticulous care,Comprehensive meet customer demand”As the management policy,In order to“To protect the environment,The prevention of pollution,Abide by the laws and regulations,Serve the society”As the environmental policy。At present have been grantedISO9001The quality system、ISO14001And environmental systemOHSAS18001Occupational health and safety management system certification,Sound and effective operation。
In today's commodity economy globalization,The company will be in a new look is unique among electric parts industry in China,From the enterprise's brand“Made in China”To the“China's creation”Transition,To create a more brilliant performance,To make more contribution to society。