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Macro feng machinery—FocusForging equipmentResearch and development、Production and sales

SM11Die forging machine series level
SM11Die forging machine series level
DH10Series vertical horizontal forging machine
JH31A series of closed hot die forging press
J31A series of closed hot forging press

Company profile / About us

       Gaomi city macro feng machinery co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of forging equipment manufacturers,For nearly 20 years of production history。The company mainly produces the productionSM11、DH10、JH31、J31、MP、JH21、JD21/JDH21、JB21The eight series over seventy varieties,PassedISO9001The international quality management system certification,And with independent import and export right。Relying on the superior product performance and perfect after-sales service,Very popular all over the country,And exported to southeast Asia more than 10 countries and regions,The user's trust and praise。
       The company is located in gaomi city in the east of shandong peninsula,In the east coastal city of Qingdao,In the west world kite weifang city,Jiaoji railway and jiqing highway across the city,First class road north and south across the transit,The position is superior with convenient transportation。



Perfect after-sales service team

My company in order to better serve the society and the masses,Efforts to learn advanced technology、The introduction of advanced production technology and equipment,Produced by the products,With superior performance and perfect after-sales service system...

In the process of many years of production and research and development,Exquisite technology and high quality of work quality,Let me province quality product is awarded to the company,And obtainedISO9001Quality management system certification。

Through a number of quality management system certification

Advanced technology,The high quality product

Now our company after system and system of advanced technology reform,In the horizontal forging machine,Hot upsetting machine,Die forging machine three series of products has made great improvement efforts。

With decades of forging equipment production experience

Gaomi city macro feng machinery co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of forging equipment manufacturers,The original is the national machinery industry establishment of forging machine tool manufacturers,And with independent export rights,Sell well all over the country。

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