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    Mainly engaged in advertising equipment research and development and production,

Products are scrolling light box、Advertising bins, etc

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    Suqian Ming Yang advertising equipment co., LTD(The original suqian Ming Yang light box factory),Founded in2012Years,The company is located in beautiful scenery of the ancient canal bank---Jiangsu suqian,Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales in the integration of joint-stock enterprises。Mainly engaged in advertising equipment research and development and production,Is one of the professional manufacturers in China。The company always take up little18000Square meters,Standard workshop13000Square meters,The company has CNC shearing machine、Large bending machine、CNC punching machine、Wire cutting machine、Suction molding machine、Plastic spraying room、Paint and other production equipment。The company has a high efficient team of professionals,The factory workers60%The above have college degree,A senior engineer5People,All kinds of technical personnel30More than one。Suqian Ming Yang advertising equipment co., LTD. With the international advanced management idea、Dedicated service attitude,Has been rated as advanced private enterprises、Provincial enterprise of observing contract and so on。
    Company for many years has been engaged in the advertising equipment production and research and development,The main products are famous brand road、Scrolling light box manufacturers、Advertising bins manufacturer、YueBaoLan、The bus shelters、Mosquito lamp box and other kinds of advertising equipment,A total of15Big series,Altogether120Multiple models。Companies to invest millions of dollars,Used in technical innovation and new product research and development。Company annual sales of the past three years3000Ten thousand yuan,Average annual growth of sales30%...
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Engineering cases

  • Bus shelters light box shipping field
  • Shandong road designer light box shipments
  • Hefei classified garbage delivery
  • The second batch of hanzhong city advertising never completed,Ready to shipment
  • Tianjin old clothes recycling bins installed the actual figure,The effect is very good!
  • 180A signpost light boxes loading shipment,Look for the suqian Ming Yang
  • 80The second car loading delivery platform shelters
  • Fujian xiamen's second batch of old clothes recycling bins loading shipment
  • Bijie city harmony county advertising never loading shipment
  • Xuzhou1200A third group of completed solar-powered a trash can


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