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Shanghai furniture co., LTD
Blue river furniture,Based on Shanghai,Facing the whole country,As a leading modern office environment as a whole solution of planners and implementers,The implementation of the prospective design, excellent quality,In order to create personalized efficient office、Happiness as promotion work,At any time to provide customers with international trends combined with local actual workplace solutions and a full range of products and services,In order to meet the needs of different occasions,And provide a complete project management services to the customers。
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Custom service one-stop office furniture
Custom service one-stop office furniture

Blue river furniture have professional designers、A strong production team and excellent after-sales team,Our company's office furniture procurement to provide one stop solution,Considerate service make us feel more intimate、Worry。The project on time delivery,Let our company...

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Shanghai offline modern office home
Shanghai offline modern office home

Then choose blue river Shanghai Office furniture company Also after a friend introduced,At first I was a bit is not particularly trust,Think where there is Shanghai office company,Why have to work with them?Try holding the attitude to green river furniture,Their line...

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Brigitte jiang creative furniture design Highlight
Brigitte jiang creative furniture design Highlight

Brigitte jiang Shanghai office furniture for our design office furniture with modern science and technology,The whole design not only highlights the industry characteristics,The more integrated into the design of our enterprise culture,Aeriform in enhanced our brand image。At the same time, the designer in the office...

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Shanghai jiang office furniture:100Wan
Shanghai jiang office furniture:100Wan

This is too construction group in our east China bureau for the first time with brigitte jiang Shanghai office furniture to office furniture one-stop configuration,Originally thought160All orders,Need to find a few more Shanghai office furniture factory,Didn't think brigitte jiang Shanghai office furniture to face...

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Consulting to order:400-135-8903

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