Weihai kingway chemical industry co., ltd. is producing5000Tons of benzene and kind of uv absorbent and5000Tons of phosphorus nitriles
Flame retardant for the leading product production enterprise,The company has a complete research and development center,Strong research and development personnel,High quality management
Team, Is the counterpart of enterprise competitive advantage,Is to seek higher wisdom and stronger vitality,
The culture of their own
化、Self-confidence,Efforts to create first-class fine chemical production enterprises。

Address:Kaohsiung road weihai lingang economic and technological development zone88Number
The phone:86-631-5584118 Fax:86-631-5585188
The international trade department:86-631-5583884 5583883 Domestic sales department:86-631-5583886 5584168 Purchase purchase department:86-631-5583885
E-mail: jinwei@maihegu.cn Url:www.maihegu.cn
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