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The company pursues“The science and technology is popular the factory,An unyielding,Quality first,The customer is supreme”Business enterprise aim,With the optimal price for every customer to provide more quality products

About nira

【 Specializing in the production of fire accessoriesThirtyYears 】

        Shaoxing shangyu nira fire accessories co., LTD., established in2000Years,Specializing in the production
          All kinds of fire extinguisher nozzle、Fittings such as nozzle。

  Our business philosophy:The science and technology is popular the factory、Harmonious development、Quality first、The customer is supreme。

       Our business objective:Fire extinguisher is committed to producing high quality parts。

      Vision:Become the most competitive domestic fire extinguisher accessories manufacturers!

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Company to produce fire control handle、Spray cone、Hose、Pipe bending,And provide all kinds of form a complete set of valve,All kinds of form a complete set of fire extinguisher and all kinds of pressure gauge、Hardware accessories

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