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Fishing light complementary photovoltaic power generation project put into production      [2017-11-16]
Activity theme:Last150MWFishing light complementary photovoltaic power generation project put into production;The organizer:East China、The last government、Bridge, water and electricity;The organiser:Nanjing in the world, culture media co., LTD-Nanjing company celebration;Activity site:Anhui tianchang;Activity time:2017Years09Month06Day;9Month6Day,East China hospital last150MWFishing light complementary photovoltaic power generation project issue100MWProject formally connected to the grid,This is also a late winter largest fishing light complementary photovoltaic (pv)  [For details]
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90After tea NieYunChen founder——“I
“Like tea”The impression is web celebrity shop,Shanghai raffles city xi tea houses in line forever,People buy the drinks,Sun line itself,Xi tea hire people line up,Hunger camp  [For details]
A classic case
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  • Easy hundred(Danyang)Optical co., LTD
  • The first yanghe wine number one day
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  • Douglas ceramic tile2013The New Year
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  • Grant Thornt
  • The opening ceremony of membrane science and technology industrial park in jiangsu
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  • Sina—I love euro drunk
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  • Guizhou Dong Jiu wealth BBS
  • CCTVThe news broadcast《The weather forecast
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  • German schaeffler group ceremony
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  • 2011ParagraphB50Public release
  • Lang chi audi group
  • 2011At the endJEEPThe whole system
  • 2011At the end of sohu meeting
  • Nanjing water swim city tour
  • Pp auto show-The Chinese cars
  • Nanjing precision.our loans for the opening ceremony
  • Ward international launch and marketing theory
  • Kunming new machine toolLOGOConference
  • Golden oak wine tasting
  • Surplus wealth investment cocktail party
  • Nanjing housing focused opening ceremony
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