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Break up for months,In a large bed every night feel the whole world only yourself,Good lonely!Especially the aunt had gone,Need to care!If you yan,180+,Abs is the best,You will come!If I chat happy,I will be in the home page when my contact information!!

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1.Atmosphere simple recommend some good coffee shop or eat afternoon tea a day can do that kind of comfortable don't noisy atmosphere of the bar is suitable for a person to go to the comfort of some music don't noisy can also go to my treat2.And then I prefer to eat can also recommend some good places in some higher partial(Not abandon just feel some not little good health, of course, does not exclude the place)3.Recently had a cocktail party or exhibit the concert can recommend because I don't want you to recommend this to personal contact is good for you to introduce to me, too9Wanted to do something like fully relax in finishing your this a few months is really too tired thank you positive recommendations are also can go90After the internship have their own things do not make not melodramatic post is simple not about not looking for a boyfriend。Can oil edition version of chat don't reply because I didn't downloadappIn the end, thanks for your recommendation。Said the sincerity put a photo, by the way。!

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These pictures have a plenty of my own in with thick to do not abandon, mua! See this is a good man!!

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The original poster girl,Academy students。Hobby,Game travel reading and writing。!The attached photo。!

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Genjeo Girlfriends said my leg·Not too happy about it·What do you think?

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JinElva 【The magic are】Shenyang firstly when her boyfriend